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Concrete Contractors OttawaIf your project involves concrete contractors in Ottawa, you should involve Terimax Construction Inc. It’s that simple. It’s that straightforward.

Since 1996, Terimax Construction Inc. of Alfred, On., has been perfecting the science and technology behind the exacting, challenging concrete formwork trade to produce superior quality.

  • concrete floors
  • slabs both on grade and structural
  • footings
  • walls

for projects such as

  • schools
  • municipal sidewalks
  • barns and outbuildings
  • garages
  • utility sheds
  • unique, custom, client-designed projects


Foundation Contractors OttawaWhat’s next?

Need another reason to confidently move on from this Terimax Construction Website and onto your Worksite...and then onto your project’s ultimate success? How about a half dozen reasons?

Top Half-Dozen Concrete Reasons for Choosing Terimax Construction as your foundation contractors in Ottawa for your next concrete form-making project

  1. Superior reputation: Terimax Construction, values its reputation as much as you value your business, your project…and your budget.
  2. Skilled, experienced workforce: Terimax Construction employs ---and retains--- some of the country’s top professionals, from friendly front line staff to dedicated site workers. Your project, and all its specific or seemingly unique challenges, benefit from the Terimax Team’s decades of combined professional experience.
  3. Cutting-edge technology and equipment: Thanks to Terimax Construction’s industry-leading technology and equipment you save time, money and hassles.
  4. Customized solution creation: No concrete-related challenge is too tough for Terimax Construction to successfully tackle.
  5. Pride in workmanship: Terimax Construction’s promise of customer satisfaction is set in stone (concrete, actually).
  6. Long-standing ties to the region: Terimax Construction’s founder and employees all work in the same area they live in, raise a family in, participate in and contribute to. These crucial community ties ensure Terimax Construction team members aren’t only solid corporate citizens, but also good neighbors---people you can trust with your project, your dream, and your vision.

Okay, we could have easily listed a few dozen MORE reasons to choose Terimax Construction, for your next form making project. But we don’t like to brag. We do, however; love it when our clients brag for us! See what we mean by clicking on Client Testimonials.

Already convinced Terimax Construction, is your best choice? Your ONLY choice! Great! Contact Laurent Lefebvre at 613.673.5767 now so you can move from this website and move one all-important step closer to your work site…and to your successfully completed project!


Terimax worked with us on the North Grenville Library and it went really well. The Terimax people get things done. Theyve got a positive attitude and are real team players. Weve put our confidence in them for more than five years and Id gladly work with them again.

Claude Bureau, operation manager Jumec Construction, Eastern Ontario

Ottawa: 613.673.5767
Cornwall and Hawkesbury: 

Ottawa: 613.673.1252
Cornwall and Hawkesbury:

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